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As a physician assistant, you put a lot of effort into the care and treatment of your patients. On the other hand, patients have their interests at heart and may not see the big picture. The way you treat a patient and explain the treatment process may not be consistent with their values.
After receiving treatment, patients may not be satisfied with it and put the blame on the doctor and the medical staff—including you. The fact is, you have no control over what a patient says or does. A disciplinary action or malpractice lawsuit can have unanticipated effects on your career and financial future.
The ideal method to manage personal risk is to have your physician assistant liability insurance tailored to put your interests first.

What Is Physician Assistant Malpractice Insurance?

Physician assistant malpractice insurance enables physician assistants like you to protect themselves from professional liability. This is an insurance product that protects physician assistants from patients who file a legal case or a complaint because of an episode or episodes of alleged medical negligence.


There are two types of physician assistant malpractice insurance:

Policies Based on Occurrence

The occurrence-based insurance helps settle claims during the policy's term. It does not matter when the allegations are made. Long-tail policies are those that are dependent on occurrences. Long-tail policies continue to be valid even if the insurance company goes out of business or the medical expert changes occupations or places of practice.


Policies Based on Claims

When the policy is in full force, claims-based policies assist in claim settlements as they occur and are filed for the claiming procedure. Short-tail policies are based on claims and do not always remain in full force; once the policy duration has expired, it must be renewed. Any damage or responsibility sustained by the practitioner during the lapse period causes significant financial losses.


What Does Medical Malpractice Insurance Cover?

Medical malpractice insurance covers the claims of medical negligence. A malpractice policy—often known as medical professional liability insurance—can cover almost any company, including corporations, limited liability corporations, and partnerships.

Many medical malpractice insurance policies cover a physician assistant's actions as a peer-review panel member. If physician assistants are suspected of making a wrong choice that resulted in a loss of income for the claimant, they may be subject to a medical malpractice case. Even if health care providers meet the standard of care, they may be sued.

If all goes well and the health care professional wins the case in court, an exorbitant legal fee must be paid. Attorney's fees, court charges, arbitration costs, and settlement costs are the most frequent legal fees.

You may also be held liable for punitive and compensatory damages and any medical expenses incurred. If you do not win the case in court, you may face considerable expenditures, such as medical bills, lost income, attorney and court fees, and suchlike.


The Importance of Medical Malpractice Insurance

A physician assistant provides an essential service to patients, and this service includes some risks. Not even one health care expert thinks about harming patients while a medical procedure is underway.

However, even the best physicians make mistakes. Worst of all, minor errors can have long-term consequences for your personal life and practice. If an error occurs, the patient may even sue you. So, if you do not handle medical malpractice lawsuits with insurance, they will likely destroy your practice and your reputation.

Physician assistant liability insurance will safeguard your practice and assets. It will cover all of your legal expenses—whether you win or lose the case at trial. Moreover, this insurance product will compensate you for any lost wages resulting from a pending court case.

Finally, the main reason to buy physician assistant malpractice insurance is peace of mind. You can concentrate on doing your best for your patients without worrying about unwanted financial or legal consequences.


Why Choose Advanced Professional Services?

Physician assistant malpractice insurance from Advanced Professional Services helps safeguard your assets and cover your legal expenditures whenever you face a medical malpractice lawsuit or claim. Moreover, insurance coverage helps shield your assets from a lawsuit; an unprotected physician assistant could leave you vulnerable to financially crippling legal bills.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with one of our experts and customize your insurance plan without further ado. That way, you may focus on growing your practice and serving patients better instead of losing sleep over medical malpractice lawsuits.