Medical Malpractice Quotes

medical malpractice quotes

There are hundreds of professions in the medical field, across many specialties and practices.

Some come with high risk, some physicians and practitioners are part of a group or hospital, some work abroad.

Regardless of which medical field you work in, one thing is true: medical malpractice insurance quotes is a must!

Medical liability insurance is required in all states, even if you’re a student or an international student.

There are two common questions every medical professional has.

What does my insurance cover and what are the best medical malpractice quotes for what I need? 

Many factors go into medical malpractice insurance quotes and while there are variances in every policy most medical liability insurance plans fall into two categories: Occurrence or Claims Made.

medical malpractice insurance quotes

Occurrence Claim Vs. Claims Made 

An “Occurrence” policy is insurance coverage that keeps protections in place forthe life of the claim, regardless if the policy has expired, the claim wasn’t made the policy was effective or the parties involved have moved on to other practices, states or retired.

Whereas, a “Claims Made” policy is coverage that is valid as long as the claim was made while the policy was active.

For this policy, we recommend “tail coverage”, which, depending on circumstances, can be offered for free. 

Medical malpractice quotes for a “Claims Made” policy is going to be less expensive than an “Occurrence Made” policy one.

Factors for Determining Malpractice Quotes

medical malpractice insurance quotesAdvances Professional Services are experts in understanding the intricacies of medical liability insurance and our medical malpractice insurance quotes always reflect the best and most comprehensive coverage at the best available rate.

We work for you, not the insurance companies.

Advances Professional Services representatives work with each person or group to determine which coverage is the ideal fit. 

Medical malpractice quotes rely on a number of factors, the big ones are: 

1. High risk specialites. The field of medicine that you or your group practices in makes a huge difference in the medical malpractice insurance quotes that you receive. Neurosurgeons and OB/GYN’s have a much higher risk ob than a family practitioner or a psychologist.

2. The state where the practice is. Medical malpractice insurance rates are set by the state, not the federal government. These rates factor in the state’s tort laws and the incident rate of malpractice suits to determine the medical malpractice insurance quotes. A combination of specialty and location will also influence malpractice quotes. 

3. Policy liability limits. Policy limits may differ in a hospital setting in an urban area versus a family practice clinic in a rural farming area. 

4. Claims history. Medical malpractice quotes take into account the amount of claims that have been filed against you or your place of employment. 

Midwife liability insurance

Reducing Medical Malpractice Insurance Quotes

malpractice quotesAs part of the Advanced Professional Services community every encounter is designed to be positive and informative, and keeping costs down is a big step in keeping our clients satisfied.

All medical malpractice quotes we give take into account all the necessary coverage but, we also shop for the best price.

We offer great discounts that could help lower your malpractice quotes.

Most medical insurance policies have exclusions, such as assault, sexual misconduct and drug or alcohol abuse.

Best practice is to have a contract that includes these provisions to protect personal assets.

Medical malpractice quotes are, generally, inclusive and offer a wide variety of limits and options.

Share any concerns about your medical malpractice insurance quotes with one of our experts and they will break down all costs and coverage until you’re satisfied. 

Some discounts that you may qualify for are: 

● Part time 

● New to medicine 

● Claims free history 

● Group coverage 

● Risk management is a good discount that can reduce medical malpractice quotes. 

● Free tail coverage (for certain situations) 

If there’s a way for Advanced Professional Services to bring down your medical malpractice insurance quotes while still protecting the integrity of the policy, we will make it happen. It’s just a small part of our trademark quality service.

Give us a call today, you’ll be happy you did!