Medical Malpractice Charleston South Carolina

Medical Malpractice Insurance Charleston South Carolina

Seeking out protection for Medical Malpractice Charleston, SC can be a time-consuming venture.   There’s a number of considerations you’ll need to make in order to ensure that you are taking all the necessary precautions and understanding your risks.   With Medical Malpractice insurance Charleston, you take on the threats associated with claims against negligence within your practice.   To provide you with the most up to date and important considerations, we’ve created a list of the top priorities to discuss when contacting a broker regarding your Medical Malpractice insurance Charleston coverage. 

Medical Malpractice insurance Charleston

  1. Policy Contract Type- This term refers to the duration of your Medical Malpractice Charleston policy contract.   For most policies for Medical Malpractice insurance Charleston, SC, you’ll see that they’re either “claims-made” policies or “occurrence” based policies.   These two types of contracts differ in regard to the contract time frame for which coverage exists.   For “claim-s made” coverage, the contract is generally much more limited to the time frame that the clause is set for.   With “occurrence” policies, there is more flexibility extending outside the contract period.   If the contract expires but a claim is made for the time that the policy existed, it would be covered in that “occurrence” contract type.   This is helpful to know when reviewing that depends on what stage in your career you are at.   If you are facing retirement shortly, you may select a different option than a physician who is just entering the field at the beginning of his career. 
  2. Limits- Just like your auto insurance policy, your Medical Malpractice Charleston, SC is full of limits.   These limits are the threshold of which will be paid out in the event of a claim.   To review the limits, you can ask the insurance agent or broker that you are working with for a better explanation.   While some limits may be suitable at $1 million, you may find that you need higher limits depending on the location of your practice and the overall cost of living.   These factors can change the amount that is generally pursued for in cases of Medical Malpractice Charleston, SC. 
  3. Endorsements- Depending on what kind of practice you have; you may have specific limitations or pursuits in your office.   You’ll want to ensure that any specialty practices that you have are covered in the endorsements of your policy contract.   Endorsements can be made to include cyber liability and medical board defense coverage.   If you know that you are specifically at risk for these criteria, you’ll want to ensure that you have it listed as an endorsement on your contract. 

Medical Malpractice insurance Charleston


Medical Malpractice Insurance Charleston

Finding the right coverage for your Medical Malpractice in Charleston, SC can be made simpler by understanding exactly what you’d like to sign up for.   By verifying the contract terms and educating yourself on the types of Medical Malpractice Insurance Charleston that is available to you, you will have the freedom to practice medicine without the fear of retaliation or lawsuits due to negligence.   By protecting yourself and your business, you’ll have more agency over how respond in the even that a claim does end up arising.