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Home » How Much is Malpractice Insurance?

How Much is Malpractice Insurance?

How much is malpractice insurance?

The only thing medical personnel dislikes more than talking about malpractice insurance is the medical malpractice insurance cost.

Medical liability insurance is required by law, and it’s wise to have it.

Asking the question of how much is malpractice insurance, is a great question.

The better question is, is the cost of malpractice insurance that you have now, or what your employer has given you is the most value for your dollar?

If you asked most professionals how much is malpractice insurance, they probably wouldn’t know or would guess a higher number than they’re actually paying.

The truth is that the cost of malpractice insurance isn’t high for what you get in return.

How much does malpractice insurance cost?

How much is malpractice insurance

Let an expert at Advanced Professional Services show you the great rates and discounts available for all professions and in any environment.

Here are just a few examples:

1. Radiologist

2. Registered Nurses

3. Chiropractors

4. Psychologists

5. Blood Banks

6. Diagnostic Laboratories

Determining Malpractice Insurance Cost

malpractice insurance costAdvanced Professional Services are experts in all types of medical insurance and have a one-stop-shop convenience model that our clients appreciate.

We work for you, not the insurance companies, and Advanced Professional Services is committed to tailoring malpractice insurance to the needs of the client.

That means delivering targeted policies and finding ways to keep the cost of malpractice insurance down.

When calling for a quote, you’ll learn more than just medical malpractice insurance cost, policy limits, cash payouts and if you should get tail coverage, you’ll learn how medical insurance is affordable protection.

How Much Does Malpractice Insurance Cost?

Cost of malpractice insurance parameters are similar to any other type of insurance.

History of claims, state of practice, and the work environment will play a role in an individual or group medical malpractice insurance cost.

How much does malpractice insurance cost questions we answer will take into account the field of specialty, if it’s a group policy, if you’re new to the practice, or part-time, term, and policy limits of your employer’s insurance, etc.

Medical malpractice insurance costs for a surgical hospital will not be the same in Kansas as it will be in Florida.

A plastic surgeon will likely have a higher medical malpractice insurance cost quoted for an “Occurrence” policy than a general physician.

However, when it comes to how much is malpractice insurance for your state or field, make sure to reach out to an Advanced Professional Services representative to ensure you have the right coverage, get all the discounts available, and that your medical malpractice insurance cost is within budget.


The Cost of Malpractice Insurance: Is it Worth it?

cost of malpractice insuranceThe answer is: Yes!

When working with one of our medical insurance experts we will explain, in plain terms, how the policy we recommend is beneficial, comprehensive and why it’s affordable.

When pondering how much does malpractice insurance cost?

Consider not just the cost of malpractice insurance but how malpractice insurance is a tool to keep you doing what you love doing, and know that Advanced Professional Services team members will keep your career going forward and will ensure that rates for medical malpractice rates are better than ever thought possible.

How much is malpractice insurance for nurses?

How much is malpractice insurance for Surgeons?

Is the cost of malpractice insurance more or less for employees of a government hospital?

How much is malpractice insurance is only part of the question.

Other questions to make sure to know is:

● Can I get free tail coverage?

● What are the caps on First Aid Coverage?

● How useful is Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

● Does my employer’s insurance protect me if I get hurt at work?

Midwife liability insurance

How Medical Malpractice Insurance Cost is Determined?

When providing the answer to the question “How much is malpractice insurance?”, Advanced Professional Service specialist will look into things like categories:

1. Non-Surgical

2. Minor Surgery

3. Major Surgery

We will determine the best policy based on other factors, such as if you are part of a group plan, part of a risk management program, if you’re a student, the risk of your profession, etc.

Then we lay out the best policies and the best medical malpractice insurance cost that is available.

So, don’t be nervous about the answer to “How much does malpractice insurance cost?”

Unlike some other liability insurance policies, medical insurance is a worthy return on your investment.

Advanced Professional Services loves the question “How much does malpractice insurance cost?” because we know that the answer gives peace of mind and diminishes the stress of overpaying.

Consultations are free, so call today!

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