Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance

Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance

Why Choose APS?

Let us highlight a few reasons why: 

  • Our Comprehensive LPL Insurance provides executive and professional liability insurance for small to mid-sized businesses, firms, and organizations.
  • Experienced leadership, comprehensive insurance knowledge and a well-established reputation in service and response, allows us to provide coverage unsurpassed in the market.
  • The most experienced team in the Lawyer Malpractice insurance industry that manages risk efficiently and cost effectively. 

Coverage Features

  • Broad definition of insured includes past, present, and future employees and members of the firm, independent contractors, of-counsels, heirs, executors, administrators and legal representatives.
  • Broad definition of professional services includes service as an arbitrator, mediator, title agent, author and/or member of a board or committee related to the legal professional.

Coverage Specifics

  • Broad Definition Claim
  • Extended reporting period options
  • 60-day automatic extended reporting period
  • Automatic coverage for attorneys joining the firm during the policy period
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Punitive Damages: full limit coverage (where insurable)
  • Disciplinary Proceedings: increased to $20,000 per proceeding/$100,000 aggregate
  • Lost Earnings: increased to $500 each day/$30,000 per Claim/$50,000 aggregate
  • Subpoena: increased to $10,000

LPL Specifics

  • Limits of liability if up to $5 Million
  • Deductibles available from $1,000
  • Primary or excess coverage available
  • Available in all 50 states including DC

Risk Management Services

  • Risk management and practice assistance is provided for policyholders through a toll-free helpline. The helpline service is provided to reduce the risk of litigation and offer basic guidance on best practices.